Friday, 22 November 2013

Star Base 400

Ive been looking into Play by post over the past few weeks and searching around you can find hundreds on offer. As with anything I can imagine that the quality will vary as much as the content, genre and system behind it all.

The Game

I've got three to play this year and the first is Starbase 400, this is a Star Trek themed game so I have a little knowledge about the universe its set in. Having said this the game has been running for 16 years and the back story is quiet impressive.

The Site 

The main site is a mine of information and would be worth a visit by any Star Trek fan, If you visit try out the Lcars Menu on the left.
The members area contains not only universe and game information but provides information to those who are new to playing via this medium.

The application process is quite involved but helps you develop your character in your mind, your required to give an example post too They give you the situation and you write your reply.

Ill keep you update in part II with a game update.
It's the year 2389, Romulus and Remas are no more and it's a time of change for the Federation and the rest of the Galaxy. Starbase 400 is a Space Dock type station orbiting Kaleb IV in Beta Quadrant, which sits close to Klingon, Romulan, Gorn, Tholian, and Krazzle territory as well as open space and the unclaimed 'Triangle', home to Pirates and criminals. Starbase 400 has become key to the Federation's future and is home to a variety of Support ships. Classes include; Galaxy Refit, Defiant, Intrepid, Sovereign, Ronin, Akira, Prometheus, Nova, Nebula, Ambassador, Excelsior, Steamrunner, Diligent, Constitution, Saber, Olympic, Gladiator, and Luna! The crew is assigned to a wide variety of mission types including Exploration, Science, Federation Defense, Combat, Covert Operations, Intelligence Gathering, Emergency Response, and much more.
Winner of the 2012 Simming Prize, managed by the 2011 Simming Prize winner, SB400 is a Nova played simm that's been active continuously since 1995. For 18 years we've provided quality interactive simming for new and veteran players alike. We take Canon Trek and mix it with elements of Simi-Canon as well as the Simm's history to make a unique simming experience for everyone! Our LCARS site features a custom flash menu with data ranging from a Historical Timeline to Support Ship specs, a full Star Trek database to image galleries. Read though our mission logs, galactic news, apply for our web design award, or tour the Starbase. The NOVA site also has crew info, mission logs, an application to join SB400, and much more!

This Is....Starbase 400

This is Starbase 400's Members Area/Posting Site! Winner of the 2012 Simming Prize and managed by the Winner of the 2011 Simming Prize, Mike Bremer, Starbase 400 is a Star Trek simm set in the post-Nemesis era, in 2389. Starbase 400 takes Canon Trek and mixes it with elements of Simi-Canon as well as the simm's own history to make a unique simming experience for everyone! Why Starbase 400? We're a friendly and dedicated group of people, just like you! Starbase 400 has a rich history as an active community since 1995. Our core group is dedicated, and many have been apart of Starbase 400 for years too!