Friday, 22 November 2013

Wargame paper-craft Part 1

Today we are going to spice up your tabletop with a bit of scenery. Paper scenery is fastly becming popular due to its proce and ease of storage. Subscribe and every week we wil bring you something new.


These Two Empire style buildings.
A two story and a one story building each with two alternative sets of roofs.

The Church

No town should be without a church. This one can be build in different styles by adding apses and or buttresses.

The City walls

A city wall complete with walls, towers and gate. Any number of wall segments, towers and gates van be combined for the city of your dreams.
Tower PDF (447k) - GIFs (2150k) - Tips

The Castle

A hexagonal castle including towers, walls and drawbridge. It has a crusaderish flair and looks splendid on sandy ground, but it also looks good on green with or without a moat around.

There is no PDF version only a GIF version.